“We do all the work…YOU get the profit!”
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Frame Order and Back Order Management Included! Included!
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Order Fulfillment & Shipping to Patient Included! Included!
6-Step Quality Control Inspection Included! Included!
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Website Hosting Included! Included!
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Open Your Own eCommerce Eyewear Website with myOnlineOptical.com 2.0

Get a myOnlineOptical.com Eyewear Store Today!

Retain those patients that you’ve been losing to Web competitors!

Now you can offer your patients the same online shopping experience that allows them to…

  • better compare prices
  • browse a vastly larger selection of brands and styles
  • have the convenience of shopping from anywhere–even on-the-go with mobile devices
  • take their time to find their perfect eyewear

myOnlineOptical.com 2.0 turns the Internet from a competitor to a profit source for your practice–and with little effort required on your part. We do all the work…YOU get the profit!

What is myOnlineOptical.com?

myOnlineOptical.com is a bumper-to-bumper eyewear retail solution for U.S. eye care professionals. No longer will you have to waste hours of time keeping up with multiple vendors, dealing with shipping delays, and tracking orders. myOnlineOptical.com will handle all that for you! What’s more, you can choose which top designer brands you want to offer to your patients, and then have those available to them either through direct order by your own staff, by the patients themselves through in-practice kiosks (internet devices not included), and by customers after leaving your practice through your new web and mobile store. Imagine capturing those sales that typically walk out the door by offering them your web address!

Top Reasons to Use myOnlineOptical.com:
  • You’ll have 10s of thousands of products to choose from.
  • We’ll handle everything for you. You simply make the sale.
  • No need for costly inventory.
  • You will be able to sell in-practice and online.
  • Your patients won’t need to look elsewhere for variety.

What do you get with myOnlineOptical.com?

Huge Catalog Huge Catalog
You will have access to 10s of thousands of authentic name-brand eyewear products to offer your patients.
Web & Mobile Site Web & Mobile Site
Your patients will have easy access to your site from a PC, tablet or mobile device any time, night or day.
In-Practice Kiosk In-Practice Kiosk
Offer your own designer eyewear catalog to your patients in-office, or at their convenience at home.
Order Fulfillment Order Fulfillment
We will handle everything for you–order fulfillment, quality control, returns, & patient support. YOU get the profit!
Customer Support Customer Support
Your patients will receive excellent customer service from certified opticians. Satisfaction is our top priority.
Returns/Exchanges Returns/Exchanges
Patients will be able to easily return or exchange their purchases if they’re not 100% satisfied.
Virtual Try On Virtual Try On
Offer your patients cutting edge Virtual Try On capability of top brand name designer eyewear–with their own photo!
Ease of Use Ease of Use
We manage the inventory and ordering for you, the doctor…and handle the purchase process as well! Easy!